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Food safety

Besides quality, our main aim and intention are to supply our customers with healthy products that are free from pesticide residue.

All our products are certified:

to guarantee that we apply good practices throughout the production process.

Food safety is the fundamental basis and pillar of our activity. Consequently, we study, select, dedicate our efforts and apply rotation processes and specific treatments to each crop year after year to ensure a rational use of pesticides, extending their safety period and avoiding the excessive generalised treatments applied by the vast majority of agricultural companies.

Thanks to our efforts, we have successfully developed a pioneering technical management system that allows us to produce without pesticide residue on the end product. We have also obtained the ZERYA CERTIFICATE, which is issued by an independent body and guarantees that all our products are delivered without pesticide residue. (In other words, all the active matter has been analysed as below 0.01 ppm.)

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The production system incudes full TRACEABILITY controland involvesthe possibility ofidentifying the product details based on this batch number, fro seed to harvesting and/or packaging.