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Supply Regularity

Besides quality and food safety, our aim is to supply our customers on a regular and constant basis.

Different geographical areas of production to minimise risk

The production areas are located in different parts of southeast Spain and separated by distances of more than 40 km.

Climatic area with the lowest rainfall and storm count in Europe

Most of our production is situated in Cuevas de Almanzora, in the desert of Almería, the area with the lowest rainfall and storm count in Europe.

• Experience

A wealth of experience in baby leaf and salads, which has given us the know-how required to apply the correct plantation and sowing programmes for each season of the year.

Safe sowing

Only 70% of production capacity is under contract programmed, which allows for a safety margin of 30%. Said margin is more than sufficient to adapt to any sharp changes in temperature that might affect the speed with which our crops grow in winter.

100% availability

As we are not a processing company, we do not sell products to the end client and ALL our production is available for and shipped to IV-range processing companies.