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Quality and Freshness

Our success is the result of:

- The correct choice of micro-climate areas

Our company produces in different geographical areas of southern Spain. Most of its production is located in Cuevas del Almanzora (desert of Almería), which is the area with the lowest level of humidity and the highest number of hours of sunshine in Spain. It has an ideal climate for leafy salads and vegetables, such as spinach and baby leaf.

Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería)

- Innovation and development

 We are leaders in quality thanks to the correct choice of seed variety, crop rotation and the most innovative and pioneering production techniques, together with the use of cutting-edge machinery, continuous field tests on our seeds and the acquisition of exclusive varieties for our own production.

Villa test Campos Cuevas del Almanzora.

- Quick harvest and inclusion in the cold chain

We apply rigorous methods to ensure that our products are harvested and automatically loaded onto refrigerated trucks and transported urgently to the cold store centre. The cold chain is then maintained throughout the process at a temperature of 2°C until delivery to the end client.

- The right facilities and equipment

All our harvesters have vibrating conveyors (bouncing belts) and wide gratings for selecting the product as it is harvested.

0% presence of foreign bodies.

We have 2 vacuum coolers and 2 independent refrigerated chests, a cold store area with controlled humidity and a dry-cold store area.

Vacuum Cooler

- Pre- and post-harvest quality-control

The technical staff in our quality department performs pre-harvest tests to confirm quality before the products are harvested. After they have been harvested and before they are loaded onto the refrigerated trucks for their final destination, they are inspected to confirm compliance with maximum quality requirements.

Quality control preharvest

Final product